Sapa is a great place to visit if you want to experience the beauty of nature, discover the Vietnamese countryside, and learn about the Vietnamese mountain tribes. Sapa was founded as a mountain station in 1922, when the French built homes, hotels, and tennis stadiums, transforming the area into a summer residence. Sapa is also home to many mountain tribes, rice fields, lush vegetation, and Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest peak. To reach the top of this peak, make sure you don’t miss taking the tourist tram ride, or the cable car to enjoy the enchanting sceneries of Sapa’s rice terraces and beautiful landscapes.

Walking to neighboring communities is becoming increasingly popular. Weekend market visits are also one of the highlights of Sapa and that is why many tourists make their visits in line with the weekend market. Young women from the Hmong mountains come to this colorful market wearing embroidered skirts and coats, beautiful hats, and heavy silver jewelry that create a real, vibrant market atmosphere. Sapa Church is also one of the attractions. It was built in 1930 and is located in a square in the center of town where local people gather on festive days.

Sapa is also a great place for those who love climbing, you can make a gentle climb through the rocks and grottoes to reach the top of Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon’s Jaw). Once at the top, you will be greeted by spectacular dances performed by the ethnic minorities, and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful view of the wooded valley with colorful villas which is another spectacular and unique experience of the Sapa visit.

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