Quy Nhon

Hanoi is the capital city of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and it is one of the most mind-boggling cities in Asia. More than any other city in Vietnam, Hanoi is a unique fusion of the old and new, both personifying the spirit of Vietnam and its ancient heritage, and perfectly reflecting the rapid changes sweeping the country.

It is a great city that you can explore on foot where you will find several charming lakes, boulevards and verdant public parks. The city of three million inhabitants boasts countless attractions from temples, pagodas and monuments to bustling markets, nightlife and outstanding food as well as a multi-cultural community that’s made up of Chinese, French and Russian influences. Meanwhile, its serene countryside is a short drive away, featuring lush parks, verdant mountains, and traditional villages.

Also, you’ll definitely need to dedicate some time to enjoy the clear and emerald waters of its magnificent Halong Bay. It has 3000-plus islands which are dotted with numerous beautiful beaches and grottos. In 1994, as being one of the most unique natural marvels of Vietnam, it was designated as Vietnam’s second UNESCO World Heritage site.

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