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Quoc tran pagoda, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and if you’re aiming to enjoy a relaxing Holiday with feeling the Vietnamese culture, countryside, and the healing sea breeze, Hanoi will be your first choice. Hanoi is considered to be one of the country’s most remarkable natural wonders; therefore, it was declared as the country’s second UNESCO World Heritage site, following the Complex of Hue Monuments

It is one of Asia’s most amazing cities and remarkable landmarks of Vietnam. More than any other Vietnamese city, Hanoi owns a unique combination of the old and new, personifying the soul of Vietnam and its ancient legacy while perfectly representing the country’s modern rapid changes as well.

It’s a lovely city with a number of lovely lakes, promenades, and lush parks that can be explored on foot. The three-million inhabitants’ city offers a huge range of attractions, including temples, pagodas, and monuments, as well as vibrant markets, nightlife, and delicious cuisine, as well as a mixed culture influenced by Chinese, French, and Russian cultures. Meanwhile, the serene countryside is only a short drive away which is rich with lush landscapes, stunning mountains, and ancient towns.

You’ll definitely need to dedicate some time to enjoy the clear and emerald waters of its magnificent Halong Bay. It has more than 3000 islands which are quite distinguished with numerous beautiful beaches, caves, and stone formations. 

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